20 10 / 2014

It’s been fun so far hanging out with like minded phish obsessed nerds seeing some great music, but I’m on the second of two drive days. This one is solo, and this one is big.

" You prance with the beasts
who parade every night
And silently slouch
through the forest by light”
Ocelot - Anastasio/Marshall

Making the reverse drive back to Southern California from Oregon today. Opposite of what I wearily started with on Thursday, much better rested for it, and got started earlier. Hopefully these 10 hours don’t end as nearly crosseyed as the last time.

Made it from Seattle to Portland to Ashland yesterday. All my northwest tour people are now back to life for a bit, but I hope they come to their senses and blindly commit their life to more shows as I questionably have. It’s clearly the only sane route of action.

Tomorrow I meet up with some good people to rage Santa Barbara with. So far the boys have started playing powerfully, but have heated up in my opinion in just two shows. With a tiny venue, a tough ticket, and a 2 night stand, there’s sure to be some fire on the horizon.

So today i slouch through the forest by light, tomorrow I hide with the herd, float with the flock.

Good times.

18 10 / 2014

Traveling on tour by yourself is pretty damn cool. This morning when the house of friends I was staying with were rumbling awake, I got my stuff packed, and just got ready for the next destination.

“Waiting for the time when I can finally say, That this has all been wonderful, but now I’m on my way. When think it’s time to leaveit all behind, I try to find a Eau to but there’s nothing can say to make it stop.” Down with Disease, Anastasio/ Marshall

I saw a good tour opener with some awesome Oregon people I met at the Gorge last year. Great to see them and hang with them. But now I’m on to the next, and not many of them are. So off to meet up with the test of the tour.

Things are lining up for the test of the tour, and looks like some smooth sailing. Hopefully some time to catch up a little work some show antics and anecdotes.

Plasma last night?! Nice! Also a great Twist, Carini, et al. Hood has been great for the last year. Gogogo. More Phish to see.

17 10 / 2014

Here we go! I was madly packing things into bags at noon yesterday to get out of the house, then drove 10 hours to get to a friend’s house with a total of maybe 10 minutes of breaks for gas.

Step outside, feel the sun
It’s only you, be you cause you’re the only one.

Wingsuit - the phish from Vermont.

So yeah. Sounds like nightmarish conditions to start a trip on, but it feels good, cause it feels good.

Same reason Phish still plays shows they don’t sell out, books more shows at smaller venues because maybe they aren’t the draw on the west coast maybe they were years ago. Gasp. BLASPHEMY.

It feels good cause it feels good.

10 10 / 2014

Hard to believe I’ll be in Oregon in a week getting ready to see Phish. I’m wrapping up a huge project that will be broadcast on 5 giant screens at the Wynn in Vegas, I’m headed there sunday to oversee any last minute changes, to be back in LA Wednesday before I leave for Oregon on Thursday. I have to complete my 2013 taxes somewhere in there which were extended 6 months, and I have an audition for UCB tomorrow.

"Confuse what you can of the ending
And revise your despise so impending
'Cause I soak on the wrath
That you didn’t quite mask
I’m getting it clearly through alternate paths
Or mixed in with the signal you’re sending

Chalkdust Torture - Anastasio/Marshall


(fun fact, friends and I tried to get into the above taping of Letterman to see that performance)

I’m excited everything seems to be working out and this ridiculously overbooked state I keep scheduling things at pays off in a life of friends, recreation, passionate endeavors and a good income with time off.

I may not be beaten by mirth, but I’m filled with it as I confuse what I can of the ending. Not to mention after two nights in the studio until about 2 AM this worker is pretty damn close to stumblin.

Bring on fall tour.

08 10 / 2014

I mentioned before how I’ve followed this Phish circus of idiots for 20 years almost, and I still can’t believe it myself.

"I treat every minute like an hour and then
It seems like a year has just flashed by again”

- Twenty Years Later (Anastasio/Marshall)


The biggest reaction you get to something like this is that no one else has ever seen a band this many times. 

People tend to think it’s some sort of weird obsession, like how could it still be entertaining after so long. Here’s why. 

  • They’re constantly evolving, coming up with new music, play styles, picking new covers.
  • They’re nerds who pay attention to how much their fans love them. 
  • They goof around with their audience, playing special gags at certain shows, putting up art at bigger festivals, supporting causes whenever possible.
  • They’re grateful for us.
  • There is so much canon to know. There’s Trey’s thesis that they still play songs from, there are songs that haven’t been played in a long time that are a big deal, there are references to older shows, there are songs with narration and story in the middle of them, there are trampolines on stage, there are glow sticks in the air, there is a 5th member in the lighting designer, THERE IS SO MUCH TO KNOW.

Twenty years ago I didn’t know nearly any of this. I knew there was some albums I liked, and there were even more songs played live that I hadn’t heard. Then I went to shows and started learning. I started learning that they work their asses off to entertain.

Creative powerhouses, undeniably. A 20 year career phish nerd, undeniably. 

But we all start out small. 

06 10 / 2014

I got a tattoo yesterday. It’s of the word “impermanent”.


It’s there to remind me that things end. And it’s not morose or dark. It’s there to free me. Because bullshit, suffering, and pain are things that end just as much as life, beauty, and pleasure.

I see you when you’re all alone

It’s like a person, I’ve not known

The moment ends though I feel winds

Blowing differently then ever before

And they’re pushing me further from shore”

The Moma Dance - Anastasio/Fishman/Gordon/McConnell/Marshall

I remember one of my first and biggest inducters into this stupid band cult talked about how the band loves, above all, phonetics. Back in the 90s it was true, and it still is. Moma dance, the title of the song, refers to Phish’s canonical rhombus being displayed in New York’s MOMA. But the words never make an appearance in the song. instead, we hear “the moment ends,” which evokes the title. And then we all dance to a crazy funk groove.

The moment ends. My life as someone without a tattoo ends. This post ends. You’re gonna die. You may get hit by a bus.

Ultimately, this whole damn tour I’ve decided I need to have perfect attendance for… 12 shows, 6 cities, 2 weeks… 20 years… those moments end.



03 10 / 2014

Late 30’s and I’m following a band notorious to be a giant festival of questionable sobriety around the country for a few weeks. Sounds like life is weird for me, right?

“Maybe so, maybe not.”

Stash - (Anastasio, Marshall)

I’m in transition these days. More positive than mid-life crisis. I live with a bunch of younger creatives in a big house in Hollywood. No longer got a wife. I’m across the country from blood family and most of my longer-lasting friends. And I’m picking up and following a band.

 Sounds weird, but it’s just another way I’m trying to take care of myself. And believe it or not, being a transient in concert venue parking lots for a few weeks in October is yet another, just like running, meditation, support groups, etc.   

 So when I found myself liquid enough to go abroad for the first time ever, and the band announced their fall tour, it spoke to me for a bunch of different reasons. 

  • I’d always wanted to go on a full, open to close tour.

  • I’d resigned myself to the fact I’d never do it, being on the west coast, while the eastern US is their home territory

  • I had already planned on taking a couple weeks off for a trip this fall

  • It included the Halloween show, which I still had wanted to see more traditionally, as my first halloween show last year was a bit out of the ordinary with the second set not being a cover album

  • I’m a freelancer, and can take the time.

  • It was all west coast, meaning I could feasibly drive it all and see the drive.

  • I had friends in most of the stops.

  • LASTLY, and most serendipitously, the tour closer is 20 years to the day of my first show.

So I’m going to the whole damn thing. I’m rounding out my 20th year with this band by going hard and then going home. And as I do every once in a while, I’ll blog about it. At yet another freaking place to blog. One day I’ll get my online act together, promise.

 More to come.


03 12 / 2012

Rolling Stone, ya didn’t blew it.



Today begins a new chapter for me and my family. It’s hard to imagine that this long time subscriber to one of the most influential and respected music & cultuer magazines is now it’s EDITOR-IN-CHIEF!!! Many have asked why!

- I love music as well as films and pop culture.

- Time…

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The “STATE EVIDENCE” sticker on Gob’s bag.